When’s registration?

Retreat registration (for the full retreat package) opened December 4, 2013, with first-round requests due Monday January 6, 2014, at 8 PM EST. We still have some spots left, though, so registration will reopen on a first-come, first-served basis (after some site maintenance). A la carte tickets for individual classes and the Sunday Brunch sales closed April 11, 2014.

How do I register?

Right here on the website.

What’s it going to cost?

The retreat price is $295. That includes, but isn’t limited to, one three-hour class (you may add a second class for an additional fee), Thursday opening night reception, access to our private knitting lounge from 8 a.m. to midnight Friday and Saturday, Friday and Saturday breakfast and a Friday welcome lunch, The Sock Doctor’s Walk-in Clinic Hours, the closing brunch with special guest speaker, your retreat goodie bag (we’re putting the “good” in “goodie”, with some event-exclusive items), Friday and Saturday night theme parties at which there will be P.R.I.Z.E.S, and discount shopping hours at the Bloomington yarn shops.

A la carte classes are $90 each and the Brunch is $45.

Do I have to stay at the host hotel?

You don’t have to, but you’re going to want to be at the host hotel. Look at it this way: the double rooms have two queen beds. Even if you’re local, you could split the cost of a room four ways, stay up late for all the fun stuff, maybe even have a glass of wine in the bar and not have to drive afterward. You’d have someplace to stash your things, and grab a nap when you need one.

Can I just take a couple of classes instead of signing up for the whole retreat?

Sure. After the retreat signups are finished, or nearly so, we’ll offer the remaining class seats at a la carte pricing. There will also be tickets available to Sunday brunch with Cat Bordhi. But you’re going to miss the Funny Hat Contest. And the Sock Doctor’s Clinic Hours. And the… wait, not telling.

Who’s teaching?

Lorilee Beltman and Sivia Harding. I’ll put up all their bios and baby pictures (okay, not really) on the Teachers page. Cat Bordhi will also be our special guest speaker at the closing brunch on Sunday morning.

What classes will be offered?

You can find the class descriptions here.

Is there going to be a marketplace?

Due to a scheduling conflict for a number of possible vendors, there won’t be a full-scale market. But both the Bloomington yarn shops have offered to arrange special shopping hours for us with a discount, and we’re talking with some specialty vendors about bringing in a selection of their best, hardest-to-find-elsewhere products.

We will also have coupons for the retreaters for some of the other area shops that you might pass nearby as you travel in and out of town.

How do I know you’re not going to take my money and run off to the Bahamas?

I have rosacea, I burn easily and I get migraines when I overheat. No, seriously, I’m keeping this event small precisely because I can fund the upfront costs without touching your deposits. The hotel’s cancellation penalties are sufficiently steep that we’ll still hold SKS if it undersells; it just means you’ll get more personal attention from the teachers and extra helpings of dessert. Even if an alien spaceship blows up Bloomington and we have to cancel, you’ll get full refunds. And I’m an established designer with a reputation to protect in the Internet Age.

You designed those graphics yourself, didn’t you?

Yes. And just doing the basic logo alone saved you each $6 off your retreat price. That doesn’t even count the website header or the Ravelry group badge and banner or the ads. If you want a laugh, join the Ravelry group. I might post the “outtakes” there.