Classes taught by Lorilee Beltman Classes taught by Sivia Harding

Classes by Lorilee

Professional-Looking Cuffs Using the Magic Cast-On — FRIDAY AM


Learn to knit professional-looking cuffs and hems without crochet hooks nor waste yarn. Class begins by learning Judy’s Magic Cast On. We proceed to knit in the round to learn first hand what a beautifully-tensioned invisible cast on can look like. Next we work a hemmed cuff, both plain and picot, without waste yarn nor sewing down bulky edges. Then create the professional and tidy tubular cast on in 1 x 1 and 2 x 2 rib, again without waste yarn nor crochet hook. These memorizable techniques will be your new “go-to” skills for provisional starts, and for sweater, hat and mitten cuffs.


Fitting Socks for Ample Ankles — FRIDAY PM


Donʼt be left out of the fun of knitting your own socks simply because your ankles and calves are more ample than average. In class we will discuss a few easy-to-apply strategies for customizing your own “plain vanilla” sock recipe, with specific features designed to improve your comfort. Continue in class applying the strategies to your homework with the goal of making a complete ankle section of the sock which may be finished after class and saved as a personal template. Does your ankle measure between 10 and 14 inches or more? Youʼll fit right in!



Vertical Stranding Workshop — SATURDAY AM


This is a brand-new 3-hour version of Lorilee’s 6-hour exploration of vertically stranded color work.

Explore various ways that color can be added when contrasting stitches climb vertically from round to round. These techniques do not inhibit the elasticity of the fabric. Working in the round, we’ll play with contrasting colored columns of knits and of purls of that lie nicely between lace, cables, and other textural elements. We’ll learn simple tips to manage the strands so the technique does not leave you with a mess of tangled yarn.

DSC_0995With new eyes, we’ll look at stitch dictionaries and existing patterns for you to enhance a design with your new skill. Depart with a plan to make your own project. Lorilee will provide samples for inspiration and a free pattern for the timid.

Materials: To work in the round using worsted weight yarn and a circumference of about eight inches, bring whatever needles you are currently comfortable using— DPN’s, two circulars, or one 32″ long circular for magic loop knitting.  Choose one or two sizes smaller than you normally use for working worsted weight wool— about a size US 5 to US 6, as we need snug stitches.  Yarn will be provided. Blunt tip tapestry needle.

Garter Stitch Color Blips — SATURDAY PM

LBgarterblipsGarter stitch groupies get your groove on with this charming and simple technique for adding color to this fabric by carrying strands of contrasting color vertically from row to row. Donʼt worry, the yarn management is easy even with multiple colors going at once. Freely add your new-found technique to garter-rich projects like EZʼs Adult or Baby Surprise Jacket, or simply highlight a garter stitch detail on a garment. Students will learn to apply the technique to existing patterns. The samples will inspire you!


Classes by Sivia

Galatea — FRIDAY AM


Galatea is a Greek name meaning “she who is milk white”. This neckpiece reflects that ideal in its simplicity and purity of form. Galatea is a graceful lariat neckpiece that flatters all body types and is easy and fun to knit. The accent beads can be anything you fancy… lampwork, ceramic, even semi precious stones, as long as a doubled strand of your yarn can pass through the hole. The spiral cord design is a simple variation of I-cord. Two bead techniques are used: We string the pendant beads in the center, and we crochet hook the beads on the I-cord. Together, these techniques create a stunning piece that is completely unique, and so comfortable to wear you will forget it’s on.

Harmonia’s Rings — FRIDAY PM

HARMONIAS RINGS PHOTOMoebius knitting has had a special place in my heart ever since I learned the basic technique from Cat Bordhi several years ago. Now (with her blessing), I teach Cat’s cast on along with my particular enhancements of this simple yet endlessly fascinating form.

The Harmonia’s Rings family of patterns use Cat Bordhi’s Moebius cast on to achieve the mysterious spiral neck shape, and feature a stitch pattern that creates concentric rings reminiscent of ancient architecture. This cowl sits cape-like over the shoulders, and suits a wide range of body types. This class introduces many techniques: the Moebius cast on, shaping and texture within the Moebius structure, and the charming beaded picot bind off, among others. We discuss customizing the shape to fit any body type. A tunic and a sweater based on the cowl are shown.

Bead Whimsy! — SATURDAY AM

BEAD WHIMSY PHOTODoes bling make your heart sing? Learn how to put beautiful beads in an assortment of stitch patterns, and in the process learn an amazing amount about knitting with beads in this hands-on tutorial. While working a small bracelet sampler, we explore four different beading situations while sampling learning firsthand about color effects with beads. You emerge with inspiration and tons of ideas.


Knotty Scarflet — SATURDAY PM

KNOTTY SCARFLET PHOTOThis small asymmetrical necklet is not as simple it seems. An addictively easy lace pattern provides the basis for bias shaping, and a scalloped border adds charm. You are done in a flash… knot up a corner and you’re on your way, or incorporate a beautiful button for a different look. The crochet hook add-as-you-go bead method is introduced as an ideal embellishment for lace, and we discuss choosing the perfect bead for your project along with other fine points of this versatile technique. A fantastic first lace project, yet an engaging class for all levels.

All class descriptions and photos belong to the respective teachers and are used with permission.