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Things that work are good

Well, it did take awhile to get retreat registration back online, but it’s humming along again. And we brought it back online with a kick: have you seen the 2-for-1 classes promotion we’re running? For a limited number of registrations, we’re including a second class with the retreat package price.

Also working is room registration at the host hotel. If you’ve sent in your retreat registration, you should have received an email with our block code by now. New registrations will get it in the confirmation email. Looking for a roommate? I recommend looking on our Ravelry group; there’s an active thread for roommate matching.

DSC_0995If you’re registered and selected your class preferences, but I haven’t yet sent you a class confirmation, I can tell you that so far everyone has gotten their first choices. Our most popular class to date is Lorilee’s Vertical Stranding Workshop (one of her samples is shown at left). If you’re waiting to sign up and this is your first choice, don’t wait too long!

An Indiana snowpocalypse

So if you’re in or around Indiana, I hope you’re safe and warm. For those who aren’t, and might not know, we’re having a blizzard here.

Just a note– if we lose power, I might not be able to update the registration page tomorrow night right at 8 to reflect that the first round registration has ended. But as of right now, it doesn’t look like we’re going to completely sell out in the first round. If that’s the case, any registrations that come in after 8 PM EST tomorrow will be processed after the power comes back on on a first come, first serve basis as spots remain.

Progress report

Thank you to everyone who’s submitted a registration request so far! It’s really exciting to see them come in. Because of a quirk of the software, I do have to approve each request personally, but that’s not too difficult for an event this size, and it helps me learn at least some of your names.

Another benefit of looking at each request personally has been the fun surprise of looking at the addresses of potential attendees. Would you believe that roughly a third of them so far are from states outside of Indiana? A couple are from states that don’t even touch Indiana. That’s so neat.

I thought I’d post an update on how it’s going. Now, this isn’t a guarantee, but unless we get a last-minute rush, I don’t think we’ll have to do a lottery. With a new event like this, one never knows whether to expect 20 registrations or 200, so I wanted to be prepared for either. But I think it would be fantastic if we don’t quite fill all 50 slots during the first round, so that nobody is disappointed. If that’s how it works out– fingers crossed– then registration will stay open on a first-come, first-serve basis until those last few slots are filled or until we open a la carte class signups.

If you’ve been waiting to sign up until you had a chance to see what classes are being offered, they’re up (with photos, naturally).

And one other thing: I’ve been thinking about how much I appreciate every one who’s willing to come to a brand new event. And while I can’t absolutely guarantee there’ll be a second Small Knits Symposium, I certainly intend for there to be if the financials and logistics support it. So I’d like to say thank you to everyone who attends via a first-round registration by giving you priority registration and a discount for next year.

It’s a plan

The plan for the first round of registration has been announced a piece at a time, but just in case you missed a piece of information or two, it’s collected on the registration page. When registration opens December 4, what we hope will happen is that a registration form will appear on that page. If the form isn’t working by then, the backup plan is that we’ll give you an email address and a list of what information to include.

There’s not going to be a specific time for registration to go live. Remember, all requests received by the 8 PM EST January 6 cutoff time will be treated equally, so there’s no need to stampede, just don’t forget! We will make announcements on social media when registration is live.

By the way, if we do have to go to a lottery, and you need to be lotteried together with someone– for example, if you and a friend would be sharing a ride and rooming together, and you can only come if you both get in– there will be an opportunity to let us know. As long as both you and your friend request that you be lotteried together, we will assign you one number for the drawing.