Progress report

Thank you to everyone who’s submitted a registration request so far! It’s really exciting to see them come in. Because of a quirk of the software, I do have to approve each request personally, but that’s not too difficult for an event this size, and it helps me learn at least some of your names.

Another benefit of looking at each request personally has been the fun surprise of looking at the addresses of potential attendees. Would you believe that roughly a third of them so far are from states outside of Indiana? A couple are from states that don’t even touch Indiana. That’s so neat.

I thought I’d post an update on how it’s going. Now, this isn’t a guarantee, but unless we get a last-minute rush, I don’t think we’ll have to do a lottery. With a new event like this, one never knows whether to expect 20 registrations or 200, so I wanted to be prepared for either. But I think it would be fantastic if we don’t quite fill all 50 slots during the first round, so that nobody is disappointed. If that’s how it works out– fingers crossed– then registration will stay open on a first-come, first-serve basis until those last few slots are filled or until we open a la carte class signups.

If you’ve been waiting to sign up until you had a chance to see what classes are being offered, they’re up (with photos, naturally).

And one other thing: I’ve been thinking about how much I appreciate every one who’s willing to come to a brand new event. And while I can’t absolutely guarantee there’ll be a second Small Knits Symposium, I certainly intend for there to be if the financials and logistics support it. So I’d like to say thank you to everyone who attends via a first-round registration by giving you priority registration and a discount for next year.