Monthly Archives: November 2013

It’s a plan

The plan for the first round of registration has been announced a piece at a time, but just in case you missed a piece of information or two, it’s collected on the registration page. When registration opens December 4, what we hope will happen is that a registration form will appear on that page. If the form isn’t working by then, the backup plan is that we’ll give you an email address and a list of what information to include.

There’s not going to be a specific time for registration to go live. Remember, all requests received by the 8 PM EST January 6 cutoff time will be treated equally, so there’s no need to stampede, just don’t forget! We will make announcements on social media when registration is live.

By the way, if we do have to go to a lottery, and you need to be lotteried together with someone– for example, if you and a friend would be sharing a ride and rooming together, and you can only come if you both get in– there will be an opportunity to let us know. As long as both you and your friend request that you be lotteried together, we will assign you one number for the drawing.



The teachers are coming!

We’ve got confirmation! We are so proud to announce that Lorilee Beltman and Sivia Harding will be coming from the Pacific Northwest with their inspired designs and incredible patience to teach you all kinds of new skills for your small projects.

I have to say, although it’s really tons of fun planning this event for you, the one thing that makes me just the tiniest bit pouty is that I’m not going to get to take all their fabulous classes myself.

Save the date

Hey, I can keep a secret! Well, as long as it’s somebody else’s secret. I’m not so good if it’s my secret. I just get too excited.

The contract isn’t signed, but I have it in hand, and I’m completely confident we’ll be able to iron out the few little wrinkles. And I can’t stand not telling you any more. Small Knits Symposium will be in Bloomington, Indiana, at the Hilton Garden Inn, from April 24-27 (that’s Thursday evening to Sunday noon). All the classes and activities will be focused on small wearables: hats, mittens, scarves, gloves, cowls, shawlettes, and of course, socks.

If anything goes wrong now, I’m already pretty committed, so worst case? We put it off until 2015. But it’s going to happen, my friends. It’s going to be a party for about fifty of my newest best friends, to be exact.

You’ll notice I’ve got blog comments turned off; I’ll be setting us up a Ravelry group for interactive chatter very shortly. I’ll post SKS news here as it comes out, but the pre-party will be over there. Do come join us when the virtual doors open; it’s BYOB (and BYOK), so there’s no cover charge.